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304TB Storage IT InfrastructureHello_Ballou

Business Overview:

Founded by Robert Ballou in 1997, Ballou Hosting Intelligence moved from the United States to Sweden a few years later, and then became part of the Malmo family of companies. Today, Ballou focuses on server operation, Web-hosting, cloud computing, virtualization, and storage. In addition, Ballou has been noted as being one of the leading Swedish companies for providing support services.


With a newly installed VMware infrastructure, Ballou realized its aging IBM SAN was not providing the performance required and it was rapidly running out of space. Additionally, with Ballou looking to implement several large cloud-based virtualization projects in the near future, the company needed a storage infrastructure with scalability, superior performance, and the ability to manage its increasing customer requirements. Ballou needed an agile, versatile, and enterprise features at a competitive price, yet could handle Ballou’s entire 304TB storage infrastructure.

ballou_startsidanAnd finally, the storage solution had to be easy to use as Ballou did not have in-house IT staff working directly on storage. With so many vendors pushing proprietary solutions, it seemed as if cost alone would bring the entire project to a halt. Ballou needed to reach out to its technology partners, as well as initiating in-house research, to learn more about the rapidly changing landscape of data storage technology, storage vendors, and business-specific performance and support issues. Ballou was expanding quickly, acquiring more clients with terabytes of data. Ballou needed a storage solution not only to protect present day data, but also with the ability to expand with future growth.

By deploying Nexenta, we have spent 75% less than the potential cost of implementing a competing solution from the likes of NetApp. Nexenta has also cut the time spent on storage management by 50%, freeing up additional time, which can be used on other projects. With all these benefits it was easy to demonstrate to my chief executive why investing in OpenStorage would enable us to stay ahead of the game at a fraction of the cost.
Daniel Jakobsson, Storage & Virtualization Specialist, Ballou